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Fleshlight Girls

Us women have enjoyed the sexual pleasures of sex toys for many years. They not only help us out when we're in the mood for some discreet fun (vibrators are so wonderfully quiet now) but they also help our sex lives with our partners in a number of ways. Believe it or not, many years ago the female sex toy was seen as a taboo but now it's simply and rightfully seen as a sexual aid for every woman. But what about men?

We would like to introduce you ladies (and some guys) to the Fleshlight sex toy. An adult toy designed and created purely for your guy. Surly they have the right to such toys just like us women, right? They too will be in need of discreet pleasure (that's helping us to...lets be honest) as well as practice to improve their sex lives with us (and that's another one for us). So why do women (and even some men) still frown upon male sex toys?

Put simply, no one should. Men should open up more and enjoy the sexual pleasures and us women should understand that guys need such sex toys just as we do.

The Fleshlight is a male sex toy that has taken the industry by storm. It's discreet, practical and very realistic. It obviously helps men with discreet and fun sexual pleasure but it's ultra-realism will help your man control his climax, leading to you both unlocking a much more enjoyable sex life.

Fleshlight Girls

Now don't shriek once you see this pic, girls. Yes it may be a replica of a woman's vagina but it's actually the EXACT equivalent of one of our sex toys! Yes, our vibrators, rabbits, cones etc. are all replicas of a mans penis. Dongs and more expensive versions are even EXACT replicas of the male penis. Men understand that women need such us ladies should really give our guys a break.

Fleshlight Girls are male sex toys that have been molded on adult stars. This means the vagina is more realistic and will give the user better and more realistic pleasure. Of course, this doesn't only mean your guy will be able to climax and relief himself discreetly (as us women do with our toys) it also means that the realism gives men the ability to practice delaying climax. They can basically build themselves up to "the point" and then practice calming themselves to then continue. This will allow for more lengthy romping sessions with your guy. See...they're not so bad after all.

Surprise your man and treat him to one of the incredible Fleshlight Girls

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